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Making design work for you

We work to create value both for the user and the business. We treat design like problem solving, and often times seeing the problem clearly can be half the challenge. To do this we go straight to the source – the users themselves. The other half is skillfully applying design to cover those needs, to make it work and make it viable.

Our expertise

Digital Design

Great User Experiences

We have experience designing user interfaces for a multitude of devices and technologies. The aim is clarity and usability – to create digital products that make sense and have a human touch. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty with the bits and pixels.

Service Innovation

Designing the Big Picture

Great user experiences build great businesses. We help you understand your users or customers better. This understanding is the foundation to build products and services that people relate to and create meaningful impact.


Design process

Design process

Design process

Discover – Design – Test

How We Work

At the core of how we work is an iterative process. Discover, design and test – then rinse and repeat. We like to get concrete early, using sketches, prototypes or visualizations to explore a problem. This allows us to get real feedback early and improve the design concept continuously.

Depending on the project we use a variety of tools to keep the process moving forwards.



User Insights

What drives your users? Organize the needs and motivations of your users.

We work qualitatively to uncover the needs, desires and motivations of the people who use your product or service. 100 surveys may give 10 answers, but 10 users can generate 100 insights.


User Testing

Get honest and actionable feedback from the users of your product.

We learn from user observing people interacting with products. We quickly observe what works and what doesn’t, and we try to uncover the whys.


Concept Development

Explore and develop different concepts to find the best solution to a problem.

We generate a variety of concepts to solve a given problem, and together we evaluate which ones are worth their salt.



Test and evaluate your product or interface before it goes into production.

The best way to evaluate a concept is to make it tangible. We work with a variety of tools to quickly prototype products both physical and digital – anything from 3D-printed product models to interactive clickable prototypes.



Quickly bring an idea to life through sketches, wireframes or realisitic renderings.

Throughout the design process, we use visualizations to explore and communicate ideas. From quick post-it sketches to pixel-perfect screens, visualizations aid communication and decision-making.


Design Research

Generate solutions to complex problems on the basis of user needs.

Complex and open-ended problems often uncover the greatest possibilites for change. We use a variety of design tools to drive early-stage innovation projects.


User Interfaces

Develop the look, feel and behavoir of digital products.

We work to make digital interfaces human and enjoyable, from defining the look and feel down to the painstaking pixel detail.


Usability Review

Get an external evaluation of your website or app from an experienced pair of eyes.

What works, what doesn’t and what can be done about it? Often it can take an outside view to see the obvious. We take a deep dive through your app or site and give our reccomendations based on solid experience designing digital interfaces.


Industrial Design

Create products that connect on a functional and emotional level.

We work sketch, prototype and detail products up to the point of engineering.


Information Architecture

Structure and sort information in a way that makes sense to people.

A good user experience starts with logical and structured information, and the information architecture is the backbone of the interface. What parts are connected with each other, and how is navigated?


Product Service Strategy

Create a coherent user experience throughout all different touchpoints.

Increasingly, we work with systems of products, people and touchpoints. We look at the subjective user experience to find ways to unify, improve and streamline.



Gather stakeholders from designers and users to experts to focus on solving a problem.

We facilitate collaborative workshops. We bring together people with a variety of different backgrounds and ensure everyone has opportunity to contribute.