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Immersive Visitor Experiences

VisitScreen is an immersive application for visitors to explore and discover destinations. Designed for information centres and travel hubs – VisitScreen offers an engaging point of entry for visitors to discover a new region and plan their stay.


Visit Trondheim & Trøndelag Reiseliv



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Design Tasks

Concept, Interaction design, implementation
Project website


VisitScreen was first conceived as part of the design process of the new Tourist Information in Trondheim. Working with Visit Trondheim and Trøndelag Reiseliv, we saw that they had a strong online presence and wealth of content, but no good way to show it to visitors. With VisitScreen we wanted to move beyond brochures and posters to engage visitors on location in a personal and interactive way.

The User Experience

VisitScreen is made to enhance the sense of discovery and delight you get when arriving someplace new. Users are presented with curated selection of recommendations from around the region to explore. Each place is displayed in an interactive map, along with pictures, travel directions and other visitors’ reviews. It also allows users to save places that catch their interest to a personal itinerary, which can then be accessed outside on the phone.

Moving forwards

VisitScreen is made to fit seamlessly into the editors’ workflow where they can select and reuse existing web content from the CMS to be displayed. We are continuously developing VisitScreen to make it a flexible tool that can be adopted around the country. It is currently in use at Trondheim Airport Værnes and Trondheim Tourist Information.

VisitScreen is a testament to our ambition of creating the most innovative visitor’s center in the country.

Sven-Erik Knoff, Visit Trondheim