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Sluppen Hardware Accelerator

A new hub for Trondheim´s hardware community

Nice helped Kjeldsberg Real Estate and Wireless Trondheim lay the groundwork for a new harware accelerator - a place to gather and strengthen the city’s hardware community as well as spearhead a revitalization of the industrial area at Sluppen.


Kjeldsberg Eiendom & Wireless Trondheim



Design Tasks

User Research, Strategy


The city of Trondheim has an impressive hardware community, home to world class actors in everything from semiconductors to submersibles. Yet this community has been fragmented and largely invisible to the public. Together with Kjeldsberg Real Estate and Wireless Trondheim, Nice helped build the foundations for what would later become FAKTRY, the first dedicated space for hardware and IoT startups.

We started the project with open questions – was this kind of hardware incubator viable in Trondheim, what services should it provide, and who should it cater to? To get insights into these questions we identified different groups of potential users and stakeholders, and conducted in-depth interviews with a number of them. We also conducted participatory design workshops where representatives from academia and industry were gathered to sketch out a vision for what the center could be for them.

Its so easy to think ‘If you build it, they will come’. But you have to build a culture, not just a structure.
I think many are blinded by what’s happening in places like New York or Berlin.. We have to cultivate what´s unique about the community we have here.


These insights were summarized and visualized to provide a consistent image of the actors, their needs and relationships, which also translated into a number of functions the center had to fulfill to the needs, in relation to the business potential for the neighborhood (property) and business model for, and implementation strategy for a hardware lab.

The hardware incubator FAKTRY opened at Sluppen in January 2018.