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A new service vertical for Sticos

Staying on top of user privacy

Sticos partnered with Nice to explore new ways to help businesses protect their users' privacy, creating a new service for smarter and easier compliance with regulations.





Design Tasks

Interaction design, service design, user insights



The introduction of the GDPR, the EU’s data protection directive, has garnered attention and strong reactions, being hailed both as a savior of user privacy and a legal morass to navigate. Looking beyond the media headlines and the big scramble to meet the deadline, we wanted to explore what opportunities to help businesses lay ahead.


GDPR potentially affects all kinds of companies. We interviewed a broad range of users to probe the landscape of what different businesses might need from a service. Across the board there was a sentiment of feeling overwhelmed and unsure, both in terms of where to start and how to turn actions into good routines and practices.

Together with Sticos we digested these insights and built on them to map a user journey from first steps to day-to-day compliance. This directly formed the basis of a new digital service, built up of various modules that help with the different steps in the user journey.

Right now we are just scrambling to meet the regulations. Later on we have to focus on doing it well.

Employee tasked with meeting GDPR deadline

Making a new routine is easy. The hard part is sticking to it two years down the road.

Employee at electrical company


Altogether, this service promises to be a single hub to keep track of data, risks and routines, where you can get an overview of the company’s status and progress, and where you can respond to incidents. More than being just a passive store of information, we wanted to design a service that could actively assist and nudge users along the way. To aid with this, an AI assistant is tightly integrated into the functionality, where it can understand and respond to common tasks and needs.

The project was a close collaboration between designers from Nice, and legal experts, software and business developers from Sticos. The project resulted in a concept design for a new digital service, as well as a new business model and a roadmap for how to integrate the service into a larger ecosystem. The resulting product is currently in development.

Evaluating risks

Identifying and mitigating privacy risks
Evaluating risks

Sensitive information

Keeping track of various pieces of personal information
Sensitive information


Montioring the overall compliance status and progress


A service tailored to different levels of ambition

Action Plan

Turning the identified risks and information into an actionable plan
Action Plan

Information requests

Automatically identifying and responding to information requests
Information requests