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Pi – Pill Dispenser

The human approach to safe medication

Why are so many medical products for the elderly complicated and ugly? Why can´t a pill dispenser be so good looking that you would want to keep it out on the kitchen counter? Pi is a concept exploring how we could make medication easy, safe and beautiful.




2012 -


Many people are dependent on taking medication on a regular basis – it´s a part of their daily routine. However, managing medication today is time consuming and it can be hard to remember taking pills at the right time – resulting in a lot of errors. 5-10% of all hospitalizations are a result of medication errors (report from Helsetilsynet 2002)

What is Pi?

Pi is an automatic multidose dispenser that gives the user reminders and a visual overview. It requires no programming and it is a stand alone product that does not monitor the user – it is simply a kind helper for people healthy enough to manage their own medication.


Pi was initiated by Nice in 2011 and over the last years we have teamed up with great people trying to realize Pi. Unfortunately we have not succeeded just yet, but if you want to help us or know someone who does – please contact us! We want Pi out there helping people, not in our office looking pretty.

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