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Communicating medical innovation

MultiGuide is a new surgical tool that can be configured to a variety of procedures involving image guided navigation. Sounds easy right? We worked on a new website showcasing the product, with the challenge of communicating a complex medical innovation to engage both experts, industrial partners and the public.


St. Olavs Hospital, NTNU TTO



Project partners


Design Tasks

Design concept, interaction design, visual design
Project website


MultiGuide is a surgical tool developed jointly by a group from St. Olavs Hospital, NTNU university and NTNU Technology Transfer. It has already gained widespread media attention for its potential to effectively treat cases of migraine and cluster headache that cause extreme pain. However the product has applications much wider than this, enabling other procedures that can be of equal or even greater impact.


The design process aimed to show this modularity of the product, focusing on the various parts – their purpose and how they can be configured in different ways . Through a series of seamless animations, the user is guided through the product part by part, drilling down into the details at will.