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Kongsberg Digital

Operating offshore windfarms

Nice helped Kongsberg Digital design a next-generation management system for monitoring and operating offshore windfarms.


Kongsberg Digital



Design Tasks

UX Design, Information architecture, user insights


Kongsberg Digital partnered up with OutSmart, who operates more than 400 wind assets onshore and offshore, to develop an integrated management system. The existing solution consisted of several separate systems that integrated poorly, requiring a lot of copy/paste and manual work. This was slowing down operations, and demanded additional training and experience to fully master.

We entered this giant of a project on a late stage and knew from the beginning that it required a pragmatic approach. Kongsberg Digital wanted us to do as much user involvement as possible and map out the most important user flows to verify their own insights and to prioritize the product development.

We are coordinators - we have to keep an overview at all times. Know how many people there are and where, ensure that people are working in a safe way, and keep the turbines running as much as possible.


In order to effectively unlock the potential of a new integrated solution, we first had to understand the operator’s workflow and translate this into an information architecture that would support their goals. Which tasks are critical? Which are frequent? Who does what, when? How can we leverage data from one part of the system in another?

By interviewing and user testing with operators and turbine engineers at the OutSmart control centre, we learned about today ́s solution and needs. Close collaboration with the Kongsberg project team gave us insight on possibilities and limitations of the technical platform (Kognifai). Throughout the project we worked in short iterative cycles presenting results and designs weekly for feedback, from a team spread over two continents and three locations.


We worked on several parts of the system, but one main focus was the dashboard showing a live overview of the most important information on the physical installation, environment and the people and vessels in the area. This is the most important screen for the operator and is always visible.

From insight to solution

When we asked the operators, “If you lost all data and could choose only three pieces of information – which would it be?” They answered “Knowing where people are in the wind farm”. This information was only available in excel sheets that were manually updated, in the new solution it was visualized in the overview map and always visible.


The project is in the final stage of implementation and is currently being phased in to use by OutSmart.