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Sparebank1 SMN

Human centered Innovation funnel

Putting the whys before the hows, Nice worked with local bank Sparebank1 SMN to develop a framework to identify and assess problems worth solving.


Sparebank1 SMN



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Strategy, service design


SpareBank1 SMN came to us in 2018 with their selected innovation projects and a backlog of ideas created by their employees. Their need was to figure out which ideas had potential to solve real struggles, and which did not, and we worked to define a process that could lead to these answers. In cases like this it is tempting to do traditional user testing in order to get real customer feedback. However, that would primarily give us answers about usability and Problem-Solution-Fit — “Why is that button there? Why is the chatbot so childish?” Our questions about the problem’s relevance and importance would remain unanswered..


In close collaboration with SpareBank1 SMN’s skilled business developer team we created an innovation funnel to make sure we got the type of answers needed at the right time. First of all, we defined four phases with its own set of criteria each and every idea had to pass before moving to the next phase.


The project is still going strong, and so far the results are several killed ideas and initiatives. More importantly three of the initiatives have verified several highly unmet needs within new domains for Sparebank1 SMN, but with a clear correspondence to the bank’s strategy. These initiatives have now moved further on in our innovation funnel, and are currently being designed as MVPs to find Product-Market-Fit.