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A content driven website for Innomed

Designing a hub for healthcare innovation

Innomed is a national initiative to foster and support innovation in the healthcare sector. It runs activities across various channels, including funding projects, organizing conferences, and developing tools for innovation. Through a content driven design process, Nice helped Innomed create a web presence that could communicate and unify all these initiatives.


SINTEF, Helsedirektoratet



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Design Tasks

UX design, user insights, content strategy
Project website


Nice partnered with with SINTEF to design a new website for Innomed that aimed to clarify and structure the communication in a way that would support the organization’s core goals. We quickly learned that while Innomed known in some circles, few, if anyone, associated it with more than one of its many activities. To one person it might be synonymous with the conference, to another it might be a publication, and to yet many more, it was an unknown quantity.

A simplified structure with more clarity

Original page structure

Starting from a core model approach

Defining the core content and flows


We took a content driven approach to the redesign, first mapping out the different user groups and audiences Innomed were targeting, next defining the core content of the website according to their needs. This allowed us to greatly simplify the information architecture and give users a quicker path from point of entry to relevant information. Furthermore, this gave rise to a much more dynamic website – one that might prioritize conference information at one time of the year and guidance for project applications when nearing the deadline.


Nice led the design process together with SINTEF, from analysis to information architecture and prototyping, up through user testing of the final website. You can visit Innomed.no here.