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Dintero Checkout and Backoffice

A new Payments Platform

Dintero is an upstart payments provider aiming to provide an all-in-one platform for payments and customer insights. Nice helped design and define the first version of their digital services.





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The boundaries between physical and online commerce are becoming increasingly blurred. Most physical retailers have their presence online as well, while at the same time digital payments like Vipps or Apple Pay are becoming commonplace in brick and mortar. In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the value of a digital-first approach to payments has become all the more poignant.

Dintero aims to bridge this gap, providing a unified platform for retailers regardless of channel or payment option.


The founding team behind Dintero already had extensive experience in the domain, having taken DSAFE, a pioneering digital receipts provider, from idea to acquisition. They had a clear picture of where they wanted to go with the new venture and a strong focus on execution.

With a limited budget and a tight time-frame, we worked closely with the team over several intensive sprints to define the first versions of the product – both the consumer-facing checkout flow and the backoffice tools for the merchants to manage their stores.


Dintero Checkout is the consumer-facing part of the service that handles checkout and payments. We worked to provide a user experience that was as frictionless as possible, defining flows for a range of different use cases, from new customers to express checkout for returning users. We worked from a mobile-first perspective, but at the same time building a checkout process that was flexible enough to both use as a standalone solution or embedded in a variety of online stores.


Backoffice provides merchants with a platform to monitor, test and tweak their store, giving them full control over things like transaction history, refunds, discounts and customer history.

We worked to define a flexible information architecture that could both accommodate large numbers of customers and transactions, while at the same time providing insights at the individual customer level. We also worked to define a foundation that could seamlessly accommodate new functionality as the platform matures.


Dintero Checkout launched in 2018 and the Backoffice shortly after. The company has grown quickly since then – securing both investor funding and partnerships with a number of established retail brands. Accross their services, Dintero currently handles more than 1000 transactions a minute and north of €500 million in transaction volume annually.