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Blapp! – An interactive experience

Increasing medical compliance for toddlers

Blapp! is an interactive experience for children with respiratory diseases at the hospital. Based on research into childrens psychology and user-testing Blapp! provides a game-like experience for children to better cope with their medical treatment, and a tool for staff and parents to motivate the child throughout an entire hospitalization – before, during and after treatment.


St. Olavs Hospital, TTO, Nice, BLOPP



Design Tasks

Design research, interaction design


Respiratory diseases are the main reason for children being admitted to Norwegian hospitals today. The majority of these patients are between 0 and 4 years. Throughout their stay they have to use a nebulizer; an apparatus which provides medicine in gaseous form through a mask. For many children’s the experience becomes traumatic, were children often times must be held down by nurse or parents and the treatment administered by force. The result is reduced medical effect from the medication, frightened children and discouraged parents and clinical personnel.

It feels like I am abusing the child

- Nurse at St. Olavs Hospital


Through rigorous testing and user involvment we made Blapp! an interactive experience. The design is based on research into childrens cognitive and psychological development as well as a careful considerations and analysis of the medical context. Blapp! visualizes the treatment as an imaginative journey that utilize a method of playing that is relevant to the treatment. Thus increasing the understanding of the procedure for the child and providing the tools for staff and parents to motivate throughout the entire hospitalization – before, during and after treatment.

Initial wireframes

Provide choices in a context of coercion
Initial wireframes

First prototype

mixing reality and fantasy
First prototype

First prototype

Showing the length of each procedure
First prototype

Final design

A modular world with extentions to other treatments
Final design

Final design

Providing information through relevant play
Final design