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Atb Mobility Platform

Designing public transit for the districts

AtB is responsible for providing public transportation for the whole of Trøndelag - a region the size of Switzerland. They have traditionally been seen as a bus operator, but are now moving towards a new strategy based on delivering Mobility as a Service.





Design Tasks

Service design, user research, UX


AtB will, in the summer of 2021, move to a new digital platform, and at the same time launch a new service offering for Trøndelag, outside the city of Trondheim. Work with developing the digital platform was set to start early 2020. With that in mind, AtB and Nice established a pre-project in the summer of 2019. The aim was to land a direction for the services offered outside the city of Trondheim, as well as exploration and conceptualisation of user interfaces for new services. The starting point for the project was a framework agreement on Service Design, and the work consisted of consultative work on related matters, in addition to the mobility platform project.

How can we make public mobility more attractive for the people of Trøndelag outside the cities?


The project started with establishment of future, strategic ambitions for AtB based on McKinsey’s 3 horizons methodology. We established a vision map for the service offered to AtB. The intention was to use the professional expertise of the company to form a shared understanding of the future goals with reference points for the road ahead for this and other projects.

In the next phase, we focused on new ideas, user insight and validation. One of the focus areas were how to create a sustainable business model for the new service, in compliance with both political guidelines and public interests. To keep the focus on the users, we brought business model propositions, interview questions and cultural probes with us on a tour around Trøndelag to conduct interviews – both scheduled and guerilla-style. Out in the district we observed and interviewed a number of people of all ages about their travel habits.

By using only the infrastructure provided by the client, AtB, we were able to conduct an assessment of the service from planning the trip, to buying tickets and riding the buses, and also feeling the stress of not necessarily making the last bus home. It led to the third phase where we iteratively conceptualized the opportunity rooms as digital prototypes. Finally, we arranged one great workshop with participants from most corners of the organization to provide one last iteration, common grounding and commitment to their further development of service offerings.


Throughout the project we worked visually and with large prints, in a way that was new to the client. The purpose was to consecutively anchor the work in the organization by, among other things, hanging it up in the canteen, where people could discuss the contents over a coffee.

In addition, the digital concepts and associated workshop played a major role in creating commitment and anchoring on one direction for the service offering in the district. The same concepts and their visual description have also made a big difference for the client in budget and cooperation with politicians and third parties.

Key outcomes


Strategic planning for future horizons: Shared understanding of the future goals.


Knowledge of the users’ transportation needs and motivations.


Reviewable app wireframe and screens.


Consecutively anchoring the work in the organization throughout the process.