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Adressa designsprint

Ideate, iterate, prototype and test in 5 days

Like all modern news organizations - Adresseavisen faces major challenges requiring a rethink and re-evaluation of current business opportunities and practises. From 2016 Nice has helped in this process, by amongst several things introducing new methodologies to the organization, focusing on design thinking and design sprints.





GV -Designsprint

GV designsprints is a methodology developed by Braden Kowitz and Jake Knapp in Google Ventures in order to faster bring design methodologies and perspectives into it’s portfolio companies. The method has a very tight time frame and dedicated rules and checklists designed to help you materialize and test ideas as fast as possible. At the time the method was in its early infancy, only later to be popularized in the book Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days.


Together with a interdisciplinary teams, consisting of both business developers, designers, programmers, data-analysts and journalists, we conducted sprints on a wide range of ideas and business domains. Resulting in both implemented and scrapped ideas, and a ton of new learning and new perspectives

“Nice has been involved in a series of 5-day intensive design sprints, as well as concept development / user testing for Adresseavisen. The expertise they have in visualization of ideas, qualitative testing and facilitation has been very valuable to us. The use of Nice has contributed to lower risk and increased progress in several of our development projects. At the same time, the collaboration has been educational, and we have built valuable expertise internally ” – Roar Morset Head of Business Development and B2C Sales