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Nice was founded in 2012 by three dedicated designers with a firm belief that design can make a positive impact on peoples lives and on businesses.

Malin Karlsen


CEO of Nice and queen of the spreadsheet, Malin brings a long experience from the world of advertising and communication. Always a source of energy and positivity, she´s working equally hard to bring out the best in colleagues and clients.


Mail [email protected]
Phone (+47) 958 03 427

Øystein Askeland


Øystein comes to Nice from the world of designing safety critical systems for public infrastructure, with an appetite to use the same expertise to tackle new and complex problems. He brings the same infectious enthusiasm to any task, whether it’s understanding a user’s jobs to be done or defining a product strategy.


Mail [email protected]
Phone (+47) 930 09 887

Jonas Asheim

Senior Designer

Jonas is all smiles. The teams most avid sketcher and doodler. Always contributing with new perspectives and a healthy amount of madness and fun into every product. 


Mail [email protected]
Phone (+47) 913 49 021

Ida Eriksdatter Brobakke

Senior Designer

Ida is the heart of our operation, with an amazing ability to tackle complexity. She is driven by the rush you get when finally untangling a complex problem into a simple and robust design.


Mail [email protected]
Phone (+47) 971 02 696

Anders Kjøllesdal

Senior Designer

Anders is our digital guru. A true perfectionist, always willing to go the extra mile and push the pixels and product even further. 


Mail [email protected]
Phone (+47) 976 00 879

Petter Mustvedt


Petter graduated from NTNU in 2019 and came directly to Nice with fresh designer knowledge and skills. Petter is a dedicated and detail-oriented designer with a surprising and out of character fondness for “The fast and the furious”.


Mail petter@wearenice.com
Phone (+47) 418 59 297

Marielle Mortensdatter


Marielle has a background as both designer and artist, and came to Nice in 2019. She brings a unique and positive “can do” attitude and all the guts needed to tackle complicated and fuzzy problems.


Mail [email protected]
Phone (+47) 913 96 493

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